Saturday, April 27, 2013

Profile of Amlan Basu

48 Yrs.
Amlan Basu holds a Bachelor Degree in Arts from the North Bengal University, Siliguri and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations & Advertising Management from School of Communications & Management Studies from Cochin, India.
ATM Cash Security
Manager – HR & Admin
Amlan is opted to become a poet and writer first. But, he cannot get isolated and solitude state of mind due to some family constraint and busy work schedule. Anyhow, he is able to manage to fulfill his tremendous urge of writing during mid-night toil for this purpose regularly. He love writing immensely and his aim is to penetrate into mass readers through his thoughts and imagination. He is damn sure that he will be very productive creator in his future endeavors.

Amlan Basu is a self-taught astrologer. He is specialized in Palmistry, Horoscope Making & Analysis and Numerology. He is also researching different metaphysical subjects, while studying Eastern mysticism, Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit and devotional music. He has showed his insight, intuition, clairvoyance and foresight by making and predicting horoscope more than thousand people. He has gained a profound knowledge and wisdom through his ostentatious practice since 1985. His prediction is backed by in-depth analysis and meticulous observation. Amlan is studied through the ancient and improvised guide book of Astrology. He is also firmly believed that nothing can change your destiny and astrologer just helps you to find your right path and direction. He is constantly doing the research and tries to understand the hidden truth of Astrology. He will be your friend, guide and philosopher. He is truly committed and dedicated to the welfare, betterment of his clients and above all the society itself. He can act only as a healing power to boost your moral and try to become your nurturing spirit. He can give you a feeling of most gratifying and enriching experience of hope and joy.

He is living with his wife and son in Mumbai, India

Favorite Movies
Favorite Music
Favorite Books

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Think Like a Genius

The eight strategies are from author Michael Michalko’s “Thinking like a genius: eight strategies used by the supercreative, from Aristotle and Leonardo to Einstein and Edison”:
1) Look at problems in many different ways, and find new perspectives that no one else has taken (or no one else has publicized!)
2) Visualize!
3) Produce! A distinguishing characteristic of genius is productivity.
4) Make novel combinations. Combine, and recombine, ideas, images, and thoughts into different combinations no matter how incongruent or unusual.
5) Form relationships; make connections between dissimilar subjects.
6) Think in opposites.
7) Think metaphorically.
8) Prepare yourself for chance.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sun in third house

If Sun is placed in third house a sibling may die prematurely and stress on account of mother may affect relationship with her. Misunderstandings can occur with siblings or neighbors due to his/her belief that he/she is always or mostly right. Sun in third house leads early death for elder brother and even for self it can prove as fatal. Elder brother's can be relied upon in adversity elder brother’s separation can be savior for him. The Sun in Masculine signs in third house indicates that the native is only child in the family. If somehow, there are brothers, they are of bade fame. Sun in the third house either reduces the number of elder brothers or deprives one of one's friends. He / she will be fiercely independent, clever with sharp intelligence, talkative, scheming-fully comfort-loving, lazy and making of bad thoughts. Sun in the third house result in pain from one's own brothers. Sun in the third house mean one should not stay with one's brother because this will result in obstacles in each other's growing fortunes. It denotes great pride and arrogance, and a domineering and over-ambitious mind, causing trouble and sorrow to elder brothers. He / she will gains to self on death of siblings. The person will be arrogant and behaves rude behavior with his/her elder brother.

No emotional attachment and no serious relationship. Only casual relationship will be recommended.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The misunderstandings can occur with Chhotton ( Kausik Basu ) due to his belief that he is always or mostly right. His dominance and indulgence over his elder brother creates a major problem with his elder brother. He is trying to rule upon drastically his decision to me. He looks like fearless and dare-devil with sharp intelligence. He shows very authorative towards me. His attitude towards me is arrogant, domineering and rude while some debate is going on. That causes immense trouble and sorrow to me often. He is totally mis-utilizes my goodness and try to rule me for his favour in all occasions. He has indulged much adultry infront of me and I felt totally dis-respected by him as an elder brother.

After his marriage, he has done some wrong with me, which am given below:

Not make a good behavior with my wife Somani, who has spent eight years with him.

Not come to my home though my three time visit to his home.

Money given to his friend Bipul, which is given by my parents to me as a Durga Puja Greetings and force me to collect the money from his friend’s house.

Make my parents away without entering my home and force them to get out from my home.

Done my parents fifty years of marriage celebration ( November 7, 2010 ) in my native place Kolkata without informing me and uses his shrewdness to impress other relatives to do so. It was his stupidiest idea to establish that he is only child in the family.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

List of English Language Book Publishers

1) Dell Publishing
2) Random House
3) Faber & Faber
4) Granta
5) Sceptre
6) Puffin
7) Sterling
8) Penguin Books
9) Harper Collins
10) Tata Mcgraw Hill
11) Allen Lane
12) Portfolio
13) Bloomsburry
14) Tranquebar Press
15) Orion
16) Westland Books
17) Scholastic Inc.
18) Puffin
19) Virgin Books
20) Times of India
21) Harvard Business Press
22) Macmillian
23) Oxford
24) Cambridge
25) Grove

Ablex Publishing - an imprint of Elsevier
Ace Books - an imprint of Penguin Group
Academic Press - UK publisher - now an imprint of Elsevier
Addison-Wesley - an imprint of Pearson
Amit Publishing House, Mokhampur Phase 2 Meerut India
Akashic Books - independent small press, known for their noir series
Aladdin Paperbacks - a children's fiction imprint of Simon & Schuster
Allen & Unwin
André Deutsch - an imprint of Carlton
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Anova Books
Anvil Press Poetry
Aojirouma Publishing[1]
Applewood Books
Apress - technology book publishing
Arbor House
Arcade Publishing
Arcadia Publishing - local U.S. history
Airiti Press - an imprint of Airiti Inc
Arkham House
Arthur H. Clark Company
ArtScroll - a major imprint of Mesorah Publications
A. S. Barnes (founded by Alfred Smith Barnes)
Athabasca University Press
Atheneum Books- a children's fiction imprint of Simon & Schuster
Atheneum Publishers - publisher of political books including the Pulitzer Prize Winner The Making of the President, 1960
Atlas Press
ATOM Books a UK based imprint of Little, Brown
Augsburg Fortress - official publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
B & W Publishing
Baen Books
Baker Book House
Banner of Truth Trust - UK based Christian publisher
Barrie & Jenkins
Basic Books
Ballantine Books
Bantam Books imprint owned by Random House
Bantam Spectra specialist Sci-Fi imprint of Bantam
BBC Books
Belknap Press
Berg Publishers - now owned by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Berghahn Books
Berkley Books - an imprint of Penguin Group (USA)
Berrett Koehler
Bibliolis Books
Birkhauser Boston - part of the Springer Science+Business Media group
Bison Books
A & C Black - now an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Black Dog Publishing
Black Library
Black Sparrow Books
Blackie and Son Limited
Blackwell Publishing
Blake Publishing
Bloodaxe Books
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc - home of
Blue Ribbon Books, Garden City, New York - American Publisher
Bobbs-Merrill Company bought out in 1959 by Howard W. Sams Company
Book League of America
Book Works
Borgo Press - an imprint of Wildside Press
Bowes & Bowes
Marion Boyars Publishers
Boydell & Brewer
Breslov Research Institute
Breviary Stuff Publications
Brimstone Press - Australian Dark Fiction Publisher
Burns & Oates - now an imprint of Continuum
Butterworth-Heinemann - UK based imprint of the international giant Elsevier
Cambridge Scholars Publishing UK
Cambridge University Press UK
Candlewick Press
Canongate Books
Carcanet Press, Manchester
Carlton Books UK
Carlton Publishing Group UK
Carnegie Mellon University Press
Casemate Publishers - military history publisher
Cengage Learning
Central European University Press
Century, imprint of Random House publishers.
Chambers Harrap
Charles Scribner's Sons
Chatto and Windus
Chick Publications
Churchill Livingstone - an imprint of the giant Elsevier
City Lights Publishers
Cloverdale Corporation
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Collector's Guide Publishing
Collins - now part of HarperCollins
Columbia University Press
Comet Press - small press publisher of horror and dark crime [2]
Concordia Publishing House
Constable & Co Ltd - now part of Constable & Robinson
Continuum International Publishing Group - also known as Continuum
Copper Canyon Press
Cork University Press
Cornell University Press
Coronet Books - a paperback imprint of Hodder & Stoughton
Craftsman Book Company
CRC Press
Creation Books
Crocker & Brewster
Crown Publishing Group - subsidiary of Random House.
Da Capo Press
Daedalus Publishing
Daffodil Publications-Children book publisher based in Meerut,India
Dalkey Archive Press - small fiction publisher based in Urbana, IL
David & Charles
DAW Books
Dedalus Books
Del Rey Books - a fantasy genre imprint of Random House
Delacorte Press
J. M. Dent
Dick and Fitzgerald
Directmedia Publishing
Diversion Books
DNA Publications
Dodd, Mead and Company
Dorchester Publishing
Dorling Kindersley
Doubleday - an imprint of Random House
Douglas & McIntyre - major Canadian publishing house
Dove Medical Press
Dover Publications
E. P. Dutton
Earthscan publisher of books and journals on environmental issues and renewable energy.
ECW Press
Eel Pie Publishing
Eerdmans Publishing
Ellora's Cave
Elsevier, now part of the Reed-Elsevier group.
Emerald Group Publishing
Europa Press
Everyman's Library
Ewha Womans University Press
Exact Change
Faber and Faber
Fairview Press
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Felony & Mayhem Press
Firebrand Books
Flux, an imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide
Focal Press
Folio Society
Four Courts Press
Four Walls Eight Windows
Free Press
Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc.
Frederick Warne & Co
Fulcrum Press
Funk & Wagnalls
G-Unit Books
George Newnes
GDS International
Gefen Publishing House
Good News Publishers
Goops Unlimited
Goose Lane Editions
Golden Cockerel Press
Victor Gollancz
Grafton (publisher)
Graywolf Press
Greenleaf Book Group
Greenery Press
Greenwillow Books - and imprint of HarperCollins
Greenwood Publishing Group
Gregg Press — Boston, MA based imprint of GK Hall & Company
George Routledge & Sons - one incarnation of the UK based publishing house
Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press
Hachette Book Group USA
Hackett Publishing Company
Hamish Hamilton currently part of Penguin Books (UK)
Harcourt Trade Publishers: originally Harcourt Brace & Company (1919), then Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. (1960), and Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (HBJ, 1970), now part of Harcourt Education
Harcourt Assessment, previously The Psychological Corporation, now part of Harcourt Education
Harlequin Enterprises Ltd
Harper & Brothers became Harper & Row
Harper & Row also now part of HarperCollins
HarperCollins Publishers
HarperPrism an imprint of HarperCollins
HarperTrophy an imprint of HarperCollins
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Harvard University Press
Harvest House
Harvill Press at Random House
Hawthorne Books
Hay House
Haynes Manuals (UK)
Heinemann (book publisher) an imprint of the Harcourt Education division of Reed Elsevier
Headpress (Critical Vision)
Heyday Books
Hodder & Stoughton
Hodder Headline
Hogarth Press
Holland Park Press
Holt, Rinehart and Winston an imprint of Harcourt Education
Hoover Institution Press
Houghton Mifflin
House of Anansi Press
The House of Murky Depths (UK)
Humana Press
Hyperion (publisher)
Ian Allan Publishing
IDC Publishers an imprint of Brill
Ignatius Press
Imperial War Museum
Indiana University Press
Informa Healthcare
Information Age Publishing (IAP)
Insomniac Press Canada
Inter-Varsity Press - IVP UK
InterVarsity Press - IVP USA
International Association of Engineers - Hong Kong
International Publishing Company J-M Ltd - IPC Israel
Ishi Press
Island Press
Ivyspring International Publisher
Jaico Publishing House
Jarrolds Publishing part of the UK business group Jarrolds
John Murray
John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)
Kehot Publication Society
Kessinger Publishing
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Alfred A. Knopf
Kodansha - Japanese publisher which publishes some books in English
Kumarian Press - Academic books on international development
Ladybird Books
Leaf Books
Left Book Club
Legend Books an SF imprint of Random House
Libertas Academica
Liberty Fund
Library of America
Library Tales Publishing
Lion Hudson
Lion Publishing - now a part of Lion Hudson
Little, Brown and Company
Llewellyn Worldwide
Lutterworth Press
A. C. McClurg
McClelland and Stewart
Macmillan Publishers
Mainstream Publishing
Mandrake of Oxford
Mandrake Press
Manchester University Press
Manor House Publishing
Mapin Publishing
Marion Boyars Publishers
Mark Batty Publisher
Marshall Cavendish
Marshall Pickering a Christian imprint of HarperCollins
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers an imprint of Brill
Matthias Media
Medknow Publications
Melbourne University Publishing
Mercier Press
Methuen Publishing
Michael Joseph
Michael O'Mara Books
Michigan State University Press
Microsoft Press publishing arm of the software company
Midnight Ink, an imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide
The Miegunyah Press
Miles Kelly Publishing
Mills & Boon
Minerva Press
Mirage Publishing (UK) Mind, Body & Spirit and Self Help
MIT Press
Modern Library
John Murray
Mycroft & Moran an imprint of Arkham House
New Directions Publishing
New English Library
New Global Publishing
New Holland Publishers (UK)
New Village Press
New Press, The
Niloofaran Publication
Nonesuch Press
Noontide Press
Northwestern University Press
NRC Research Press
W. W. Norton & Company
NYRB Classics
Open University Press
Orchard Books
Oracle Press part of the McGraw Hill publishing group
Orion Books
Orion Publishing Group
O'Reilly Media
Osborne Press part of the McGraw Hill publishing group
Osprey Publishing
Peter Owen Publishers
Oxford University Press (UK)
Palgrave Macmillan
Pan Books - now Pan Macmillan
Pantheon Books at Random House
Parachute Publishing
Parallax Press
Pathfinder Press
Paulist Press
Pavilion Books - UK publisher of illustrated books
Peace Hill Press
Pecan Grove Press
Pen and Sword Books
Penguin Books UK
Penguin Putnam Inc. (USA)
Permuted Press - small press publisher of horror [3]
Persephone Books
Peter Owen Publishers
Phaidon Press
Phase 5 Publishing, LLC US publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror, focused on electronic publishing and open submission policy
Philosophy Documentation Center
Philtrum Press
Picador UK
Pimlico Books at Random House
Pluto Press
Point Blank - an imprint of Wildside Press
Poisoned Pen Press
Practical Action
Prentice Hall
Prime Books
Princeton University Press
Progress Publishers
Prometheus Books
Profile Books
Puffin Books - an imprint of Penguin Books
Pussycat Publishing
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Quirk Books
Quest Publications Chandigarh
Random House
Rasmed Publications Limited,
Reed Elsevier
D. Reidel — now part of Springer Science+Business Media
Remington & Co
Rigby an imprint of the Harcourt Education division of Reed Elsevier
Riverhead Books
Robson Books
Rock scorpion books
Routledge Kegan Paul now Routledge, an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group publishing
SAGE Publications
St. Martin's Press
Salt Publishing
Sam Enrico Williams
Schiel & Denver Book Publishers
Schocken Books
Scholastic Press
Scribner (UK)
Secker & Warburg
Sensorotika Press
Shambhala Publications
Shire Books
Shoemaker & Hoard Publishers
Shuter & Shooter Publishers
Sidgwick & Jackson
Signet Books an imprint of New American Library
Simon and Schuster
Sounds True
South End Press
Spinster's ink books
Spottiswoode, an earlier form of Eyre & Spottiswoode
Springer Science+Business Media (formally Springer Verlag)
Stanford University Press
The Stationery Office - Publishers of UK government publications etc. Was the printing arm of the HMSO.
Summit Media
SUNY Press
Sussex Academic Press
T & T Clark
Tachyon Publications
Tammi, Finland
Target Books - now part of Virgin Publishing
Tarpaulin Sky Press
Tartarus Press
Taunton Press - inspiration for hands-on living (US)
Ten Speed Press
Thames & Hudson (UK)
Thames & Hudson USA
The Good Book Company (UK)
Thieme Medical Publishers
Third World Press
Thomas Nelson
Ticonderoga Publications
Times Books
Tor Books
Triangle Books - paperback imprint of SPCK
Tuttle Publishing
Twelveheads Press
Twisted Spoon Press
Taylor & Francis
Titan Books
UCL Press - University College of London Press
Unfinished Monument Press
University of Akron Press
University of Alaska Press
University of California Press
University of Chicago Press
University of Minnesota Press
University of Michigan Press
University of Nebraska Press
University of South Carolina Press
University of Toronto Press
University of Wales Press
University of Washington Press
University Press of America
University Press of Kentucky
Usborne Publishing
Verso Books
Velazquez Press
Victor Gollancz Ltd
Viking Press - merged with Penguin Group (USA)
Vintage Books (US)
Vintage Books at Random House (UK)
Virago Press
Virgin Publishing
Voyager Books - imprint of HarperCollins
VSP Publishers, an imprint of Brill
W. W. Norton & Company
Ward Lock & Co
WBusiness Books
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Wesleyan University Press
WestBow Press an imprint of Thomas Nelson
White Rose Publishing
W. H. Allen Ltd, former British publishing house, now absorbed into Virgin Books
Wildside Press
William Edwin Rudge
Windgate Press
Wisdom Publications
Workman Publishing
World Publishing Company
World Scientific Publishing
Wrecking Ball Press
Wrox Press publisher of IT manuals and technology tutorials - imprint of John Wiley & Sons
WSOY, Finland
John Wiley & Sons
Yale University Press
Zed Books
Ziff Davis Media

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Radcliffe Fellowship

Eligibility for Individual Creative Artists - Application Material

Please note that artists and writers need not have a Ph.D. or an M.F.A. to apply; however, they must meet other specific eligibility requirements, listed below.

Applicants in creative arts cannot be students in doctoral or master’s programs at the time of application submission. Applicants in creative arts cannot apply in consecutive years; those applicants may apply after waiting two complete application cycles. For example, creative arts applicants who applied in the fall of 2008 must wait until the fall of 2011 to apply again; those who applied in the fall of 2009 must wait until the fall of 2012 to apply again.

Applicants whose projects draw on the resources of the Institute's Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America (the country's foremost archive in women's history) are looked on favorably, but such a focus is not a requisite for applying. In addition, because of collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, topics related to research in this area are of particular interest.

Creative Writers
Fiction and Nonfiction: To be considered for a fellowship in fiction or nonfiction, applicants must have any of the following: one or more published books, contract for the publication of a book-length manuscript, or at least three shorter works (longer than newspaper articles) published. Evidence of publication in print format within the last five years is highly desirable; Web site publications are not acceptable as the only form of previously published work. Applicants should note that reviewers take into account evidence of a distinctive, original voice, richness or dimensionality of text, and coherence in the project plan. Professionals interested in writing about their work experiences should apply in the category of nonfiction. Recommendations from editors and/or agents are not acceptable.

Poetry: To be considered for a fellowship in poetry, applicants must have had at least 20 poems published in the last five years or a published book of poetry and must be in the process of completing a manuscript. Reviewers examine the submissions for evidence of originality, vision, and maturity. Recommendations from editors and/or agents are not acceptable.

Applicants in this genre are required to have worked professionally as a journalist for at least five years.

Applicants in this genre must have a significant body of independent work in the form. This will include, most typically, a play or screenplay produced or under option.

Film, Video, Sound and New Media Artists
Applicants in the areas of film, video, sound, and new media must have a body of independent work of significant achievement. Such work will typically have been exhibited in galleries or museums, shown in film or video festivals, or broadcast on television or radio. Fellowships in film, video, sound, and new media are awarded jointly by the Institute and the Harvard Film Study Center (, which supports practitioners of innovative nonfiction media whose work displays exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment. Reviewers focus on formal innovation, personal vision, and the impact that the work has had within its field.

Composers: It is highly desirable, but not required, for applicants in music composition to have a Ph.D. or D.M.A.

Theater Performers
Applicants must have a significant body of work characterized by originality, reach, and mastery of technique. Reviewers expect that the artist has worked in at least two professional theaters or venues.

Visual Artists
To be considered for a fellowship in the visual arts, applicants must show strong evidence of achievement, with a record of at least five years of work as a professional artist, including participation in several curated group shows and at least two professional solo exhibitions. Reviewers take into account originality, consistency, and ability to transcend the artistic medium.

Application Materials for Individual Creative Artists
Checklist of application materials for individual creative artistsThe application is comprised of the following:
Completed application form
1) Curriculum vitae, not to exceed 10 pages
2) Project Proposal, with bibliography when appropriate. Poets and visual artists need only provide an abstract.

Supporting Materials
3) Audiotape, CD, DVD, image, or videotape list where appropriate
4) List of three recommenders

Supporting Material Upload
Applicants in the Creative Arts need to upload their curriculum vitae and project proposal with abstract. The non-written supporting materials required of each type of creative arts applicant are listed below. Please read the instructions carefully as we accept the non-written supporting materials by post.
1) Curriculum Vitae:Please submit your curriculum vitae, no longer than 10 pages.
2) Project Proposal:Note that poets and visual artists need only upload a project abstract. A full project proposal is optional for applicants in these two areas only. Visual artists who choose to submit a proposal should limit it to a maximum of one page (250 - 500 words).

Visual Arts and Poetry Only:
Project proposals must be in a 12-point typeface, double-spaced, with a 1-inch margin. Visual artists choosing to submit a proposal should limit it to a maximum of one page (250 - 500 words).

All other Creative Arts Disciplines:
Project proposals must be in a 12-point typeface, double-spaced, with a 1-inch margin. Proposals should contain no more than 1,400 words, including the abstract but excluding the bibliography and supporting materials. Submit only one project.All applicants should begin their proposal with a 150-word abstract summarizing their proposed project. The abstract should be the first page of the proposal and should include your name and title of the proposed project. The body of the proposal should describe the project, explaining the significance of the topic, placing the work in the context of the discipline, and indicating how the project would contribute to your discipline. Be clear about the theory and methodology. Cite work of others, if relevant; indicate the status of any project already begun and any data already collected.Selection criteria include: the overall quality of the application, the overall quality of the proposed project, the significance of the project to the discipline, and the demonstrated capacity of the candidate. All applicants should write for an informed but broad disciplinary audience. All proposals will be read by peers in the specific field of the applicant. Finalists are reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee.

Supporting Materials:
Supporting Materials to be uploadedCreative Writers and Visual ArtistsFiction and nonfiction writers: Submit a recent book chapter, manuscript, or article, no more than 30 pages total. Submitted material should be published.
Poets: Submit up to 10 poems.Short-story writers: Submit one or two short stories, no more than 30 pages total.Journalists: Submit three substantive published articles, no more than 30 pages total.
Playwrights/Screenwriters: Submit one play/screenplay or a section of a play/screenplay, no more than 30 pages total.
Visual Artists: Submit image list of 12 images only. The list should include title, medium, date completed and dimensions (H” x W” x D”). List should be arranged in chronological order, beginning with the most recent work. This list must correspond to the supporting materials sent by post.Non-written supporting materials to be sent by postFilm, Video, Sound and New Media ArtistsSubmit a maximum of 15 minutes of work on DVD, CD, or VHS. Submit two copies. Please specify which section(s) you wish to have the committee review, and indicate your role in the work (i.e., director, cameraperson, etc.). Submit work from only the last five years.
Musicians and Composers: Submit one or two samples of recent compositions or performances. Please attempt to put all samples on one CD. All CDs should be accompanied by written scores, except for electronic or improvisational work. Submit four copies of CD and four copies of the scores. Specify which sections you wish to have the committee review (i.e., indicate where samples are located on the CD).
Performing Artists: Submit a maximum of 15 minutes of work on DVD, CD or VHS. Submit four copies of the videotape or DVD. Indicate in your project proposal your role in the submitted work and, where feasible, identify yourself in the sample. Submit work only from the last five years. Include four copies of a video list illustrating the contents of the tape or DVD.
Visual Artists: Submit one CD or DVD with 12 images only, arranged in chronological order, beginning with the most recent work. Please show images only and upload the corresponding image list, as noted above. Clearly indicate the correct file on the disk and its viewing application. Please make sure your CD can be read by a standard application within the Windows operating system, such as QuickTime or PictureViewer, etc. Submit work only from the last five years. Include detail shots as well as at least one installation shot.

FOR ALLMail your package of supporting materials to:
Radcliffe Fellowship Program,
Attn.: Creative Arts Supporting Materials,
list discipline code8 Garden StreetCambridge,
MA 02138, USA

Supporting materials are returned only if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided by the applicant along with the supporting materials. The Institute cannot be responsible for lost or damaged materials. Do not send original or “only” copies. Please specify if you want your materials returned on the application form (under General Information). Write the name and address of the Radcliffe Application Office as the return address in the upper left-hand corner of your envelope.